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Updating All My 'Stuff'

Updating All My 'Stuff'

Call it shiny object syndrome if you want to, but I like doing a lot of different things. Turns out, I'm also pretty good at a lot of things (thankfully)!

And when I get excited about something, I also enjoy SHARING that excitement with others. That may be by participating in Facebook Groups, writing books, and even creating online courses.

To help people (including myself) keep track of everything, I'm putting my current projects into ONE PLACE. Each of the websites below has its own specific newsletter so that people only get the information that they want or that applies to them.

ChrisGreen.com for all of my personal updates and things that are not directly related to my other interests.

Chris Green - Curating the World of Amazon

Chris Green Newsletter #1/4: https://www.chrisgreen.com/#/portal/

Authorpreneur.com for self-publishing, KDP, and other Authorpreneur content.

Authorpreneur.com - Entrepreneurship Through Self-Publishing
Become an Authorpreneur! Build A Business Through The Power Of Books And Self-Publishing. Publish your own ‘Course As A Book’ with Kindle Direct Publishing

Authorpreneur Newsletter #2/4: https://www.authorpreneur.com/#/portal/

Using Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon's self-publishing platform) is the most powerful way to build a business around a topic of expertise. When you know how to leverage the power of books and authorship, the sky is truly the limit.

DomainFlips.com for finding, buying, and selling domains.

Finding, Buying, and Selling Domains

DomainFlips Newsletter #3/4: https://www.domainflips.com/#/portal/

Want to learn more about how to FIND, BUY, and SELL domains? I can definitely get you started, keep you out of trouble, and show you my personal strategies for playing the 'domain game' profitably.

Flips.net for all of my fun finds and flips from yard sales and thrift stores.

Finding FLIPS! - Know WHERE TO LOOK and know WHAT TO BUY to FLIP for a PROFIT!

Flips.net Newsletter #4/4: https://www.flips.net/#/portal/

Honestly, I just really enjoy the 'treasure hunt' of yard sales. I like to find things at crazy-low prices for myself, my kids, my nieces and nephews, and YES, to FLIP for a PROFIT! I'm happy to share the things that I find as well as show people HOW to identify and evaluate items for RESALE.

Plus, I'm launching a new Shopify store for all of my books that will do things that no other Shopify store has ever done before. You'll be able to use your Amazon account to buy my books directly from me and enjoy FULL AMAZON PRIME BENEFITS! If you're buying my books, you're going to love it. If you're a SELLER, I'll show you HOW to do it.

I've also started my own PODCAST and YOU can be on it!

The podcast is called 'IF I WERE YOU...' and I'll be giving advice and coaching to guests to help them develop a personal business plan that fits their individual personalities, strengths, talents, and goals. Listen in and you might hear something that applies to you or APPLY to be a guest and get a FREE coaching call with ME!

The Chris Green Podcast
Apply to be on the podcast and get personalized business advice from Chris! Use this application form: https://forms.gle/mUUcXgcSuNxguM4a9 I try to ‘stay in my lane’ and with over twenty years of helping people make money on the internet, I feel really confident in saying: If you want