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I can't stop; I just keep buying more domains (plus my domain forwarding strategy)

I can't stop; I just keep buying more domains (plus my domain forwarding strategy)

Would you say that you're ADDICTED to buying domains? I'm not there yet, but I may be close! I get domain ideas DAILY and I don't think a month has gone by in years where I haven't purchased a new domain.

I consider buying domains like placing 'cheap bets' that have a huge potential upside. After all, domains can be purchased for just $9 and sold for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars!

In the past month, I’ve purchased several domains including:

  1. Domainitrage.com (DomainArbitrage.com was taken back in 2003)
  2. DomainSecretsBook.com (DomainSecrets.com was taken way back in 1999 and is currently for sale for $99,888)
  3. TheDomainChallenge.com (DomainChallenge.com was taken in 2005 and is currently for sale (taking offers))

Honestly, I’m surprised that ALL THREE of these domains were NOT TAKEN. I simply searched for the names using my favorite domain name checker website, InstantDomainSearch.com, and they were ALL available to be registered for JUST $9 EACH.

Don’t get me wrong; I'm NOT complaining here. I’m super stoked that NO ONE had ever registered these domains before. I’m just surprised that given how long domains have been around, no one has had the idea to make a book and run a challenge related to domains using these domain names.

After all, DomainCourse.com was registered back in 2006 (16 years ago), so this isn’t exactly brand new stuff.

So why would I keep buying domains like these if I already have a 'main' domain flipping website called DomainFlips.com? Wouldn't that just mean I'd have to make more websites and even potentially cause confusion between them?

Well, it's part of a DOMAIN STRATEGY that I use (and you can use it, too!).

It's certainly not mandatory or required, but I will buy additional COMPLIMENTARY domains that will FORWARD back to a main site (if they are available).

It's more work (and more expensive) to have ONE WEBSITE for domain content and another DIFFERENT WEBSITE for a domain challenge and another DIFFERENT WEBSITE for a domain secrets book. And, YES, it would absolutely create CONFUSION as people would not immediately know that each site was actually related and from the same place.

So I'll buy the complimentary domains and FORWARD THEM (free) to the MAIN PAGES on my MAIN WEBSITE about domains.

DomainsScretsBook.com forwards to: https://www.domainflips.com/book/

TheDomainChallenge.com forwards to: https://www.domainflips.com/challenge/

And if I decide to title my domain secrets book 'Domainitrage' (working title), I naturally want to have the matching domain for the book, even if I only use it to FORWARD any traffic back to the main book site, DomainFlips.com/book.

Remember, this is NOT mandatory or required, but if you're going to write a book to go along with your business, and the TITLE of your book as a domain is available, I would ALWAYS buy it to either use as a standalone website/landing page or to forward back to a different website. For just $9, it's great for branding, makes sharing and linking to your book simple and easy, adds legitimacy to your book (IMO), and it might as well be YOU who owns it (instead of someone else).

Make sense?

Anyway, I started a Facebook Group for Domain Flips and you can get the link (FREE) by joining the Domain Flips Newsletter (also FREE).

Join here: https://www.domainflips.com/#/portal/

Questions? Just ask! ​

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