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I call them 'CHEAP BETS' because they are inexpensive with BIG potential payoffs

I call them 'CHEAP BETS' because they are inexpensive with BIG potential payoffs

You can buy BRAND NEW domain names (that have never been registered before) for under $10/year. Just search sites like GoDaddy.com to see if a domain is available. If it is, simply pay the registration fee and you'll own the domain.

It feels like I register a new domain name AT LEAST once a week (although I'm trying to cut back and focus my time on existing domain names and projects).

I call these 'CHEAP BETS' because they are inexpensive and have the potential for a big payoff. If you register a domain for one year at a time and you find that you no longer have any interest in the domain after a year has gone by, you can simply just let it expire (and you will no longer have to pay and renewal fees).

You might see this as '$10 down the drain', but I see it as spending $10 to 'lock up' a potential digital asset for 365 days. For just $10, you don't have to keep wondering if you should buy the domain or not. For $10, you can sit on the domain and, after one year, you can reassess the domain and keep it or let it expire.

I frequently let domains expire after one year because something that sounded like a really good idea a year ago doesn't always sound as great after a year has past.

But I place that 'cheap bet' of $10 to buy, or 'lock up', a domain that may (or may not) turn into something a little more interesting (and VALUABLE).

Just this month, I placed four 'cheap bets' and registered four NEW domains. I also bought two domains from the GoDaddy Marketplace and also one domain from the SEDO marketplace. I even SOLD an expiring domain name (that I wasn't even planning on renewing) for a cool $500.

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Domains really are quite fun! The game isn't completely free to play, but it's relatively inexpensive, stunningly easy, and fairly low-risk if you take the time to learn about domains and educate yourself about the market. The potential for big rewards and big payoffs is real which makes the game all the more exciting!

If you want to learn more about all of this domain stuff, the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain course and book will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon). ​ I will be sending out more information and updates via text and by email. ​ ​To get these updates, TEXT ME at (512) 790-7040 ​​ Or click this link: https://my.community.com/chrisgreen (If you're outside of the USA, the number might not work, but don't worry; I will still post update on Facebook and send out the updates via email.)

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