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You're being too one-sided on social media

You're being too one-sided on social media

If you haven't been on Clubhouse (https://www.joinclubhouse.com), I highly recommend downloading the app and replacing your radio or Spotify consumption with real talk from real people about all kinds of interesting topics.

I've been listening to a lot of rooms about business, entrepreneurship, Amazon, and social media. I also like to join rooms that are completely off topic so that I can hear some fresh perspectives about new subjects.

When the hosts allow listeners 'on stage' to ask a question, it's very common for people to say a little about who they are and what they do and then they ask how they can het more 'attention'. They want views, followers, subscribers, likes, comments, replies, and engagement. They want traffic. They want ATTENTION.

This type of question is SO COMMON and I have yet to hear a good answer. I think people are misunderstanding the question entirely. Instead of giving out advice on how to get more attention (honestly, a selfish question), they should be asking WHY do you want this attention in the first place? If you had this attention, then what? And what are YOU GIVING THEM in exchange for their attention?

Did you catch how many times the word WANT was used? People WANT other people's ATTENTION. And a lot of times they don't even know why. It's ONE SIDED and it needs to stop.

If you WANT something from someone else, you need to GIVE them something in return. Seems obvious, right? But this advice is RARELY given out.

I'm going to keep this SIMPLE. If you want people's attention, then you better be giving them one of two things (or both): Entertainment or Education (the two Es).

Think about it. That covers literally everything on the Internet that people devote their time to. People click on links, follow people, and watch videos that give them some form of Entertainment (passive) or Education (learning something new).

So stop and take some time to figure out what kind of VALUE you are willing and able to GIVE in exchange for other people's attention.

If you want other people's attention, then DEMONSTRATE how it will bring VALUE to THEM. Stop making it about YOU.

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