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Upside vs. Downside 👏🤗

Upside vs. Downside 👏🤗

I've done this for a long time and I've personally coached thousands of people.

I've seen what works and what doesn't work.

And the one consistent piece of advice that I can give to everyone is to find things that have potential upside and have no potential downside.

Then do those things. A lot. Over and over again.

And then watch good things happen.

If you need help or clarification, allow me to give you a more specific example:

  1. Find where your customers hang out on social media..
  2. Join the communities/conversations.
  3. Help people. Answer questions. Bring value.
  4. Watch what happens.

Potential UPSIDE:

New connections. New partnerships. New followers. New friends.

You helped them (answered questions, gave encouragement/clarification) and now they want to help you (law of reciprocity).

Potential DOWNSIDE:

You spent some time helping other people (potential customers).

It's literally a numbers game. Social media allows you to search for and find your customers and literally listen to/read their conversations and questions. You can join these conversations and answer their questions. This is how you bring value and establish yourself as someone helpful and knowledgable. Your customers and communities will see you as someone that they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

And when they are ready to buy, they'll buy YOUR product because you have a connection with them.

So, are you still looking for 'secrets', 'shortcuts', and 'growth hacks'?

Or will you consider (and commit to) the UPSIDE?