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It's not a SYSTEM! It's all about POSITIONING

It's not a SYSTEM! It's all about POSITIONING

I just really like domains and I've been buying them since 1999 (I only wish I had started sooner).

Last year I sold TWO DOMAINS for $100,000.

And, yes, I'm making a course/book about it. It's the best way (in my opinion) to compile information on a specific topic.

But DON'T BUY IT if you think you will instantly learn how to buy and sell domains and make $100,000 because that's NOT how this works.

If this was a SYSTEM, I'd just do it all myself.

What I can share with you through my new course and book is how buying and selling domains WORKS (so that you can buy and sell domains safely and securely).

And, most importantly, I can share with you how I PUT MYSELF IN THE POSITION TO SELL TWO DOMAINS FOR $100,000.

This is the part that I believe anyone can do. Anyone can put themselves in the position for good things to happen.

You can LEARN what makes a domain valuable. You can LEARN what the fair market prices for domains should be. You can LEARN to spot undervalued and underpriced domains. You can LEARN where new opportunities are and get there EARLY.

If you don't LEARN these things, then you certainly won't find yourself in the position to receive 6-figure offers for any domains that you've purchased.

So if you want to learn more about all of this domain stuff, the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain course and book will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon; starts August 8th).

I will be sending out more information and updates via text and by email.

To get these updates, TEXT ME at (512) 790-7040

Or click this link: https://my.community.com/chrisgreen (If you're outside of the USA, the number might not work, but don't worry; I will still post update on Facebook and send out the updates via email.)