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I had no idea that people were SO INTERESTED in this...

I had no idea that people were SO INTERESTED in this...

When I announced that my next Authorpreneur Challenge was coming up in a few weeks, I received A LOT of interest.

But it wasn't exactly the interest that I expected.

Everyone wanted to know more about buying and selling DOMAINS!

You see, when I run my challenges and teach people about self-publishing books with KDP, I always stress the importance of building a website to go along with the book. Naturally, this involves buying a DOMAIN.

So for this next challenge, I decided to a BONUS module that goes deeper into the world of buying (and also SELLING) domains.

And, yes, I really did sell two domains for $100,000 last year!

The entire process (and the exact domain names) are outlined in my new domain bonus module.

And the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain training module will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon; starts August 8th).

I will be sending out more information and updates via text and by email.

To get these updates, TEXT ME at (512) 790-7040

If you are not on my email list yet, you can join here (free):

Or click this link: https://my.community.com/chrisgreen (If you're outside of the USA, the text number might not work, but don't worry; I will still send out the updates via email.)

To be honest, this STILL seems crazy to me. I am NOT a domain expert, so how do I keep finding myself in these kinds of situations?

THIS IS HOW: I put myself in a good position to be able to sell those domains, and that's what I can teach to anybody.

More information to come!