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The biggest thing to understand about buying and selling domains

The biggest thing to understand about buying and selling domains

Lately, I've received A LOT of interest about domains.

But why? I'm usually known as the Amazon/FBA guy or that arbitrage guy, or an author/self-publishing guy, right?

Well, last week I shared images of a couple of large domain sales that I made last year that I previously had not shared with anyone. I also offered to share more information about what I know about buying and selling domains (and how I was able to put myself in the position to make these sales).

Now I'm accepting text messages from people asking questions and wanting to know more. I'm keeping everyone updated via text and if you want these updates, just TEXT ME at (512) 790-7040.

I'm not too surprised at the response, though. When you show people that you can sell digital assets like domains for large sums of money (thousands of dollars), people get interested and want to know more.

But it's always more complicated than people originally think.

Here's the thing; I've been teaching people about Amazon, arbitrage, print on demand, and self-publishing since 1999. I frequently talk about the importance of having your own website or 'home base' online so that customers can easily find you.

This involves having a DOMAIN, like Amazon.com or ChrisGreen.com.

Now, I'm admittedly quite VAIN about my domains. I want to have good (subjective), short (as possible), and memorable domain names.

Why? A great domain can help with branding, can signal a higher level of professionalism, and also be quite VALUABLE (if you ever wanted to sell it).

So, when I teach people about creating their own website and we get to the topic of domains, people usually respond really well. I give them my best advice about how to find good domains that have never been registered as well as how to search domain name marketplaces to find deals on valuable, underpriced domains. They always find the topic interesting and fascinating; it's like a whole other world that they didn't realize existed.

And then, when they see the potential for profit by buying domains cheap and selling them for thousands of dollars, people WANT TO LEARN EVEN MORE.

So, as I'm compiling and curating everything that I know about domains into one simple guide, I want to be sure that everyone understands that this is NOT a game of 'easy money'.

This is a game of educating yourself, understanding the risks (and rewards), making smart purchases, and putting yourself in the position to sell your domains for a profit.

There is a lot to learn, but I'll do my best to shorten the learning curve and to help you avoid all of the mistakes that I've made since buying my first domain back in 1999 (I've made plenty).

If you want to learn more about all of this domain stuff, the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain course and book will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon). ​ I will be sending out more information and updates via text and by email. ​ ​

To get these updates, TEXT ME at (512) 790-7040 ​​ Or click this link: https://my.community.com/chrisgreen (If you're outside of the USA, the number might not work, but don't worry; I will still post update on Facebook and send out the updates via email.)

Questions? Just ask!


Chris Green