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I check THIS domain marketplace every single day

I check THIS domain marketplace every single day

Buying and selling domains might sounds complicated if you've never done it before. But, for those who are interested, I'll try to break it down and make it simple as I can.

Domains are unique, digital assets that can be bought and sold online.

You purchase domains by registering them through a registrar. Examples of registrars would be GoDaddy.com or Name.com (there are plenty of others).

You can buy low and sell high or you can just hold onto them as long-term investments. Just don't forget that you can also use the domains yourself and actually build a website or a business (that could also be sold in the future).

You can buy BRAND NEW domains (that have never been registered before) for under $10/year. Alternatively, and this is my FAVORITE way to get GOOD domains, you can buy them off AUCTION after they have EXPIRED.

And plenty of domains expire EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You see, you have to pay a yearly renewal fee for each domain that you own. You can pay one year at a time or you can pre-pay for decades if you want to.

So why would someone let their domain expire?

Well, it might be because the owner no longer has plans for a domain and simply doesn't want to pay the renewal fees. Or maybe their credit card on file with their registrar expired and they missed the reminder emails (ask me how I know about this one). Or maybe they just straight up forgot.

For whatever the reason, tons of domains expire every day and find their way to GoDaddy Auctions where they are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

This is the site that I check DAILY to see if anything interesting is expiring that day that I might want to bid on.

GoDaddy Auctions https://auctions.godaddy.com/

They have a BASIC and ADVANCED search (I use this sometimes for keywords and extensions), but most of the time I just SORT by 'TIME LEFT' (on the far right-hand side) so see which domains are expiring the SOONEST (as in TODAY). Then, I scroll through the results to see if anything interesting stands out.

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GoDaddy Auctions https://auctions.godaddy.com/

Go ahead and try it right now!

BIG DOMAIN BUYING SECRET - understanding WHY some great domains expire and end up on auction on domain marketplaces:

Every single domain that expires and ends up on the GoDaddy Auction Marketplace was previously registered by SOMEONE ELSE. That means that SOMEONE ELSE also thought the domain was GOOD. At least good enough to spend money on (even if it's not a lot of money, it's more than ZERO DOLLARS).

When more than one person sees VALUE in something, it can be a great signal, sign, or CONFIRMATION that YOU'RE RIGHT; the domain DOES HAVE VALUE!

Just remember, this does not automatically mean that every expired domain has value. It just means that a list of expired domains can be a great place to search for potentially valuable domains.

You might already be thinking, "But Chris, if anyone can see these auctions, won't the prices just get bid up and you won't be able to get any good deals?"

It's easy to think that way, and there is some truth to it, but remember that NOT EVERYONE knows about domains and not everyone knows about GoDaddy Auctions (even though it is the biggest domain marketplace online).

And not everyone knows the same things about what they consider to be a valuable domain. When Merch By Amazon launched in October of 2015, there was not as much interest in domains with the keyword 'MERCH' as there is today.

In fact, it was a MERCH domain that I sold last year for $35,000!

I've bought some domains off of GoDaddy Auctions that I feel like I absolutely STOLE for the price that I paid. I'm glad that no one else wanted the domains so they didn't get bid up.

Still don't believe me? Then just WATCH the prices on auctions as they end. You can literally see hundreds of domains expire every day. See if they end at prices that you think are too high or too low. Are people getting steals and deals? Or are they paying way too much? It's all subjective, of course, but you can do A LOT of research without spending a single dollar.

If you want to learn more about all of this domain stuff, the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain course and book will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon). ​ I will be sending out more information and updates via text and by email. ​ ​

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