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.COM is still KING, but there are new players in town

.COM is still KING, but there are new players in town

Most people are familiar with websites and domains that end in DOT COM and they've also likely heard about DOT NET and DOT ORG domains.

But did you know that there are now HUNDREDS of domain extensions? Yup!

DOT COM is still the number one domain extension to own, but there are some other great domain extensions that are becoming quite valuable to BUY and SELL.

In fact, NEITHER of the two domains that I sold last year for $100,000 were .COM domains! One was a .IO and the other was a .CO.

These two domain extensions (.IO and .CO) just happen to be my two favorite (after .COM, of course).

You can find a list of ALL of the current domain extensions here:


Some extensions are going to be WAY MORE VALUABLE than others, but the domain market is something that is ALWAYS CHANGING.

The following image says a lot. It shows two expired domains that are on GoDaddy Auctions right now. It shows two listings for the SAME DOMAIN NAME, just with different extensions. The .COM has over TEN TIMES the traffic and has 73 bids (up to over $4,000) compared to ZERO BIDS for the exact same domain name that ends in .NET.

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Go see right now (ends in 1 day though): https://auctions.godaddy.com/search and search for 'domainchecker'.

They were both registered 23 years ago at a time where is was more common to buy the .COM, .NET, and .ORG all at the same time 'just in case' and 'so that no one else could use them'. This strategy is not used as often today.

You may ask yourself, "Is domainchecker.com a 'good' domain?"

Personally, I say, especially if you have a plan for a website or business that checks domains for availability or offers domain appraisals.

For example, if someone wanted to see if a domain name was available, they may go to Google and search for, 'domain checker'. Having the domain name DomainChecker.com would really help with SEO.

The domain would also be good (in my opinion), to buy and resell to someone (or a company) that was making a business related to 'checking' something about domains (availability, valuations, etc.).

I am NOT bidding on this domain and it's already priced higher than I would personally pay. If you are new to domain names, watching auctions like this can be a great way to learn as much as you can without spending a dime because you can see that OTHER PEOPLE are also putting a high value on the domain.

This way, you can learn more about domains and their market values by simply watching the prices of expiring domain names on auction so that you can LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN before ever spending any real money.

The only way that I would teach anyone anything about domains is so that they can play this game SAFELY and with minimal risk. I want to show people how they can put themselves in the position to potentially pick up some great domains at low prices that can hopefully lead to some great domain sales.

If you want to learn more about all of this domain stuff, the FIRST PEOPLE to have access to this domain course and book will be those who join my next Authorpreneur Challenge (details coming soon).

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