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2 Bonuses Revealed in the LAST Authorpreneur Challenge

2 Bonuses Revealed in the LAST Authorpreneur Challenge

Honestly, I had some hesitation about calling this challenge the LAST challenge.

I mean, I like running challenges. They're fun and I know that challengers get a lot out of them. I honestly enjoy sharing information about KDP and self-publishing with people and I love seeing them publish their first books.

But I know that there were a lot of people who missed the previous challenge that were waiting for me to run another one.

However, challenges can be time consuming and even distractions to other projects.

Like the project that I am working on right now that will get more of my time AFTER the LAST Authorpreneur Challenge is complete.

The project that I will SHARE with those who join The Authorpreneur Challenge.

If you're curious about what I'm up to, you should join the challenge and get LIVE ACCESS to me for FIVE DAYS of Authorpreneur training where I will show you how you can use the power of KDP and self-publishing to build your own passive income business.

And I'm throwing in OVER $1,300 in BONUSES that I'm revealing one at a time.

I just announced BONUS #2: LIFETIME ACCESS to TWO of my bestselling Udemy courses.

This is in addition to BONUS #1, LIFETIME ACCESS to THREE of my previous challenges (Merch Challenge 2020, The Domain Challenge, and the first Authorpreneur Challenge).

The other bonuses will be revealed later this week.

BONUS 3 (Revealed 11/9) $99 value
BONUS 4 (Revealed 11/10) $199 value
BONUS 5 (Revealed 11/11) $197 value
BONUS 6 (Revealed 11/12) $299 value

Interested? The FULL DETAILS be found here:


Honestly, you might as well LOCK IN your spot even BEFORE you see all of the amazing bonuses that I'm including.


Well, like all of my challenges, it's RISK FREE. If you aren't satisfied with the challenge, simply ask and you'll get a 100% REFUND with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

And remember, once the challenge starts, you can no longer join. The smart move is to JOIN NOW so that you don't accidentally forget!

So LOCK IT IN and see if The Authorpreneur Challenge is as good as everyone says it is.

Any questions, please just ask!


Chris Green