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Chris Green's 8-Week Coaching Program

Chris Green's 8-Week Coaching Program

My Coaching Program is designed to take you through the entire 8-Step Process process of self-publishing a book.

We'll also prepare to launch your book with marketing strategies designed to guarantee that you become a BEST SELLING author!

If you have not published a book before, we'll cover one step, each week, for eight weeks. Don't worry; if you need more time for a step, we just reschedule for a future week. We'll work on YOUR schedule!

If you've already published a book, we'll do a deep dive into the strategic purpose for your book and your existing book marketing efforts. We'll then form an 8-week plan to make sure that your book is positioned properly and set up some amazing book marketing strategies that can guarantee you BEST SELLER status.

Any questions, please email me at chris@chrisgreen.com